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LCSC Lung Cancer Survivors!


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Kasey (everyone)

These are the faces of the people who responded to me and who were listed on the list I posted in the General Forum.

If you did not reply to my three requests, or if you didn't send me a pic after my 3rd request, I didn't add you to this tribute.

I am still working to minimize this in some way so that I will be able to add more pics, so those of you who didn't respond or who didn't get back to me with a pic, you still have time.


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Yes there would have been more faces if people had contacted me.

Like I mentioned before, I asked people to contact me if they wanted to be a part of this-

what I have here is ALL that contacted me.


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Oh Katie,

I KNOW you posted all the pics sent to you. I meant I was surprised that more didn't send you a pic to post. Maybe now that they see how awesome it is, they will. I could list MANY names that I sure wish had sent one in. I wouldn't dare embarrass anyone by name :oops: !

Thanks for this, Katie. What an advocate you are for ALL of us. Takes my breath away some days.



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I know Kasey, me too. I wish there would have been more.

I learned a lesson from the "In Memory of" page I did. I simply pulled the pics of those that passed away and took it upon myself to make that tribute. It took a long time and I even made a huge poster to display at our events ONLY to later have a family member ask me to REMOVE their family members picture!

Although legally I didn't have to do that (see registration agreement in re: pictures uploaded to this website) But I did remove it and it took alot of time.

After that I decided to ask first to avoid someone coming back later.

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