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DOing the Shrinkage Dance!!


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I just saw a prelim report and had visit with Daddy's onc----the news is 30% shrinkage on the largest tumor. I will get copies of the report and look at it more thoroughly. GOod News!

Also, this is with chemo at less that full strenghth. The Onc says he had to scale back because during radiation he was sick and also had a blood clot. But thinking that he has had about 6 rounds at less than full strenghth is encouraging. In January he will be started on a different chemo drug. The ONc is not sure which or what...Abraxane was mentioned. I haven't researched this but I think it is used in Breast Cancer.


Everybunny join hands for the Shrinkage Dance!!

Put your right hand in

Put your right hand out!!!....

Shake the shrinkage all about.

Dad wants to go to the gym and get on the treadmill.

GO fishing.

Hugs of healing all around.


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