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Prayer Request - Charlie's Aunt Sarah


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Charlie's Aunt Sarah, who has multiple myeloma, has been admitted to the Baptist Hospital MICU in Nashville. She is not doing well at all. Please pray for her healing, the doctor's wisdom and for her family. Their are "family issues" that are adding to the situation and most likely effecting her health. Also, pray for us to have wisdom talking with them and safe travel there tomorrow.

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Thanks for all your prayers! Amazingly, Aunt Sarah was released from the hospital last night. We drove down, cooked Thanksgiving dinner, visited, and drove back. Just got home.

She has a long way to go with her recovery. They are having a home health care nurse come everyday for awhile to help get her feeling better. Please keep her in your prayers.

Oh, and Charlie did amazingly well today. He just had to get in there cooking like he always has...he is a miracle. We are so thankful on this Thanksgiving for his improved health and for this wonderful group of friends!

Take care and thank-you so much.

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Tina...so glad Aunt Sarah is was released from the hospital and was able to enjoy a nice Thanksgiving with her family. Also very glad to hear that Charlie was up to doing some good Southern cooking for Thanksgiving. That's one of the things I miss most about Tennessee....all that good down home cooking. I don't believe there was ever a Tennessean that wasn't a wonderful cook!!!

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