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Well, I survived the port placement - ha! :roll: Actually, I think I'd do that 3 times over and skip the MUGA! The MUGA is "one of those" where you have to be perfectly still for 30-45 minutes with one arm over your head. Yeahright. (Do these techs forget that we are patients, and are likely to be SICK and maybe a little weak? Aaarrgghh!!! :x:x )

They had to sew up the little cut from the port, because there wasn't quite enough skin to use the dermabond (glue), but that's ok. It was a little sore the next day, but I can't even tell it's there today unless I touch it. No pain whatsoever.

My MUGA score was 58%. Didn't sound like I passed, but she said anything over 50% is good. The report says "normal," so I can live with that!

All is set for me to spend the day with the nurses in the research area (my favorite people!) on Monday -- all day. Then lab work Tuesday, then to a normal schedule for this drug. Keeping all digits crossed that it does it's stuff and does it well.

I'm looking forward to a peaceful Thanksgiving, and hope you all have a wonderful day. I'm so very thankful to have found this site, and found you all to share and grieve and laugh with.


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