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Ma's CT result

ma's kid

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First of all...hope everyone enjoys Thanksgiving and please know I am praying for all of you.

My mom's Radiation Oncologist just called with the results of her follow up CT scan she had done last Friday. STABLE AND SHRINKAGE AND ALL IN ALL..HE SAID SHE IS DOING FANTASTICALLY.

No time to catch up with the rest of the board as we are leaving to go a spend the holiday with her and the rest of my family.

Blessings to all :D and thank you for all of the good thoughts and prayers. I KKNOW they helped!

Love, Libby

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Thank you all :D We got home early this evening and had a really good time visiting with my mom and the entire family. I don't think I was prepared for how frail she looked. Her appetite is slowing returning and she is in pretty good spirits.

Love to all and hope everyone is ok.


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Hi Libby,

Congrats on Mom's great scans. And glad you had a good visit.

Your Mom will be looking pretty peaked for awhile yet. Hopefully, all the cancer was killed along with all the cells that make us girls look so dang cute. Good part is, the girl cells will come back. It takes awhile. They told me it would take a year to get it all back and I think that they were right. I was looking pretty pale too. It is okay. She will pop back with time and some good and gentle nutrition.

love, Cindi o'h

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