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On this Thanksgiving Eve...


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To Each of you:

On the Eve of Thanksgiving, I wish for each of you patience. Patience to fight the disease, patience to care for someone you love who may be fighting lung cancer, patience with yourself and your feelings.

We all tend to be so hard on ourselves, we rush through the days fighting this disease and sometimes I think we forget to live the days we are fighting for...

I wish for you brighter sunrises and beautiful sunsets.... and the time in between each one to just "be". I loved Pat's story about watching the flame of a candle.... the strong tall flame and the weak mere spark. I wish for you all to be tall strong flames.... always. Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless Us all. Much Love, Sharon

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I Remember -

Peeling potatoes with Aunt Alice in her kitchen...

Setting the table with the tablecloth you just took out of the dryer so it wouldn't be wrinkled (no IRONING, no TIME for that).

Making your first turkey (I was 15) and FORGETTING TO TAKE OUT THE INNERDS cause you didn't know they were in there! OOPS). Everyone enjoyed it and they never knew!

Trying to make gravy the old fashioned way, which involves skimming off the grease first ( i never knew that!) so as to avoid MAJOR TUMMY UPSET a few hours later!. Store bought gravy works so much better. Add sage and thyme and they'll never know.

Ah.... Mrs. Smith's Pumpkin Custard Pie with Whipped Cream on top. If you wanna be sneaky, put the pie in a glass dish before baking. I swear, I never did that, but I know someone who did! Best pie ever.

Then about three hours later, the hubby says "what about a turkey sandwich!" I wanna explode....

Thank God I'm here to enjoy it. Happy, Happy Turkey Day to all. Laugh and have fun. That's what life is about. :lol::lol::lol:


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thank you Shar....this is a beautiful post....and I love your daughter's pumpkin belly...hee...

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends at LC support group...I am sooo glad I found this site...Even thou I am not here as much as I would like to be...I am alway's thinking and praying for you...much love...


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