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Update on Addie ~


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Hi All,

I am Bibala, a dear friend of Addie's who wrote to you a while ago.

Today, Lib suffered a setback........Aphasia, where one can not express in words what one wants to say .......so ironic, as all of you who know her, know that Addie is HARDLY ever at a loss for words :roll:

Am MRI should give more information..........pray as hard as you can that this latest setback is temporary.......I promise to update

Thank you ALL


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Addie is in our hearts, minds and prayers.

Please tell Addie that Brian is taking 'addievan' instead of Ativan these days and that he asks about her every time I log on to the computer. She is an inspiration to him and a friend to both of us.

Love and prayers

Pat and Brian

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Oh Bibi,

I have so been wondering about dear Addie. What a setback, I would say. Was wondering how all else has been going this past week in the hospital. Please let Addie know we are all here vibing, praying, and just hoping for the very best. We love her. So hoping this is only temporary.

Thank you Bibi. Please keep us updated.


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