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Five for Thanksgiving


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I am thankful for:

1. Having the opportunity to make a difference in someone's life.

2. Dishwashers.

3. Addie posting after Bibi's post on her condition.

4. Changing seasons.

5. Not embracing the world's problems as my own and letting others deal with the consequences of their own actions.

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I am grateful for:

1. Knowing I'm loved even when I'm feeling so bratty that it's hard to come up with 'grateful fors'

2. 4 a.m. phone calls from long way away.

3. Carolyn learning how to clap. How can I be grumpy when I see her clapping and singing, "Yaaaaaaaaa"

4. A place to go for the holidays

5. The examples of hope that I see in each and every person here.

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1. For having my family all together today.

2. For my friends.

3. That winter only lasts another 4 months. Why do I live in Michigan?

4. The things I didn't see coming.

5. The pumpking pie is baking...and life is good.


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1) Joel is now a 1 year survivor. Last year at Thanksgiving we told my family that Joel was diagnoised with LC.

2) I don't have to cook, just eat. I am bringing the desserts.

3) My family will all be there this year.

4) off from work tomorrow.

5) This message board is a blessing. Love ya all!!

HAVE THE HAPPIEST OF THANKSGIVINGS!!!! We are all truly blessed.

Maryanne :wink:

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I'm late for this, but here goes:

1. friends I don't always remember I have, but that I could not live without, including you guys

2. family, alive and well if a little wacky

3. Dave, whose been my boyfriend for three years but recently became my best friend, too

4. the time I got with my friend Roc before he died (still have to work at this one, I am hoping if I say it enough it'll sink in)

5. these things my brother's boyfriend made for dessert, called Hello Dollies - basically, chocolate, coconut, graham cracker, nuts and condensed milk, stirred and baked - OBSCENE :D



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