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Mom's CT results

Guest mom110

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We got the results back from Mom's first CT since radiation in Sept. Dr. said one of the two tumors is slightly smaller.Blood is good. She said that she would see us in two months for another scan. They would start chemo if the tumors change.Is this normal? I want them to be doing something to help her fight.

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I am bothered by your post. I don't know your mom's history, but something is stinkin'. It sounds like she isn't being "treated" for lung cancer. Mine was stage lllb and I got treated harshly for it.

I hate that you are so far out in the boonies. Not many docs to choose from in Saskatoon, I am thinking...

Could you folks get another opinion? What is closest to you... Winnipeg?

I want good treatment for your young mother also.

Please let us know.

Cindi o'h

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I would be anxious to see something more done as well! I dont really understand how they battle cancer.....there are so many reasons why they do things and why the dont do things. Like who recieves radiation, who gets chemo, who gets surgery etc. Its a mystery to me

Your mom is young though. Is she is good health otherwise? Would she be able to tolerate chemo do you think? I too wonder why she hasnt been offered chemo treatment

My mom is stage IIIb, she didnt get radiation but got chemo. They knocked her cancer back considerably. I'm new to all this, but I'm thinking that people can have good results regardless of their stage. Everyone is so different

If you think you need more options.....by all means look for them

I hope I didnt send you in the wrong direction here

Best of luck

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Hi -

My mom is stage IV as well...at first diagnosis we did radiation for the mets to her spine...the onc recommended waiting on chemo til she recovered from radiation well, etc....yet she started having more pain other places and after more PET scans, etc - we didn't get started with chemo til almost three months after diagnosis.... I REALLY wish we had started right away....as the cancer hitting more of the bones is what has caused so many problems.

I do know that many doctors like to wait at least 4-6 weeks after radiation....but please do find out the exact reasons on waiting. I feel much more in control now that we are actively doing something.


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I am fairly new to all of this...but I would definitely ask. When I went with my FIL to his appointments with the surgeon as well as the oncologist...I specifically asked "why are you suggesting this treatment plan" and "what other treatments are available and why do you not recommend them".

Sometimes doctors won't answer these hard questions unless asked point blank.

Good luck to you!

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