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Brian's Thanksgiving Update


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Brian slept all day yesterday. He has one goal in mind. Attend and make it all the way through the Thanksgiving Worship Service at our church last night.


What a guy. He knew that after his bad experience a couple weeks ago that if we did not go back he probably would decide not to attend anymore out of fear of getting sick again and making a scene. It was perfect and everyone was so loving and kept telling him how glad they were to see him. Now he knows first hand that he can go ..... well or sick....sitting or standing or wheelchair or whatever...God is Good!!

He is still sleeping. He does that a lot. His elder daughter is making dinner. (Brian winked at me and told me to just eat a lot of potatoes ) We will go no matter what and if he is not up to it we will come home. That is it. I have a couple side dishes to prepare so it will feel at least a bit like Thanksgiving.

His back spasms are less frequent. I change his pain patch every 2 days vs. 3 and give him oxy IR on a schedule vs. prn.

His white cells finally responded to the Neupogen so he can have chemo tomorrow.

We are thanking God for all of our LCSC family today.

Love you

Pat and Brian

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Wow! What a great lead-in to a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday surrounded by family. I'm with Bri, load up on the potatoes and everyone will take a nap WITH Brian. In fact, he'll be waking the rest of you up when it is time to head home!

Really wonderful to hear that Brian rested and enjoyed the church service. Pat, such nice energizing warmth you envelop him in. Two perfect peas in a perfect pod.

Sending much love,


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Happy Thanksgiving, Pat and Brian,

May God be with the two of you on this day and every day. This morning my cable internet was out and I panicked until I could check in on you and many others. Thanksgiving is about giving thanks and I want to take this time to thank the two of you for your love, your support, and your inspiration. Love you two.

Love and Prayers,


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Pat and Brian,

Setting a goal and achieving it is a wonderful feeling! I'm glad you did that. Bet you lifted lots of church friends with your presence. I'm sure you were mentioned in Thanksgiving prayers all around the country.

The holiday's over now. My refrigerator's inside is a study in aluminum - Left-overs are crammed in everywhere. We've already had some left overs for breakfast! :oops: Nothing like re-heated green-bean casserole to start your day!

Hope this is a good day for both of you.


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