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Poem For the Survivors


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I'm not sure where i want to post this...just want to make sure it get it on here. I sent it to Mom and she suggested that i post it for all of you to see. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!


The one who stands tall

With shoulders held high.

Wearing the bald

With a gleam in their eye.

The one who looks deeply

In the eyes of their kids;

Clings to them tightly

And kisses their lids.

The one who sits crying

With hands to their head

Cursing, then sighing,

Then praying to mend.

The one who is lost

And unable to scream

For in counting the cost

They're unable to dream.

The one who finds peace

In the breaking of dawn.

The one who finds comfort

In the words of a song.

Each faced a day

Of unspeakable strain.

Each found a way

To deal with the pain.

Each should be praised,

Held high in esteem.

They've run the gauntlet

And still look serene.

So i take my mom's hand

And take each step as it comes.

I walk when she walks

And run when she runs.

The ending unwritten;

The tale still spins...

And pray at the end

It's she who will win.

Melissa H (missyk) Nov. 20, 2005

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Yes *blush* i did write that. I started writing it when mom was first going through chemo, after sitting in there with her and seeing everyone in every circumstance. It sat, and sat, and sat because i didn't have an ending i liked for it. I found it again the other day and thought, "Well, i'll just type it up as it is." It finished itself while i was typing.

Thank you all for your kind words...but it is I who should be thanking you for showing us all what it means to be a survivor.

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Melissa, this is just beautiful. As a 2-time survivor, as I read it, I felt myself stand alittle taller, cry alittle, feel proud and at the end, to run and win. Would it be ok to print and frame this to hang in my living room, with your name on it, of course. This really has given me more motivation than ever to "run and win". Thanks Missy

Love and hugs,

Nancy B

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