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Not so good scans


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Hello friends,

Well, the last time I wrote, I was almost done with radiation, 35 sessions, after 6 rounds of cisplatin/VP-16. I had been having a backache, which I kept telling my docs about. I thought it was a pulled muscle as I was still pretty active. Finally, on my last day of radiation, my medical onc felt a lump on my back on the rib cage which he didn't like. Sent me for another PET. The results were not so good, although the primary tumor was not showing any activity, there were a number of small, 1-2 cm size that were in different locations around the right side of my chest. I now will be starting another round of chemo, this time Irinotecan and Carboplatin. The plan is to do three rounds and then re-scan. I feel quite a bit of discomfort on my right side, but every ache and pain is now suspect.

I am still very confident that I will beat this SCLC issue, but am concerned, as is my family. Kris is taking all of this very well, but as expected, we both have our weak moments. We ask that you keep us both, as well as our kids and their families in your prayers as we continue to deal with this.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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Mark thanks for the update. So glad a plan is in place. Did the Dr talk of radiation also? Prayers going up for a great response. Donna G

O golly, now I see you just finished radiation.

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Mark...keep up the good fight and never wave that white flag in the air! I'm sending lots of prayers for you and your family. Everyone needs to stay strong right now, be positive and believe!!!

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