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I'm in REHAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Great to see your cartoon on the board, Addie.

Home in a week sounds like a very good idea..how much did you have to bribe Coop to say that?

Keep the staff on their toes. And speaking of toes... are you getting some good rubs in? Complain of back spasms and they will come running with the lotion.. !

Bed baths are nice too..they beat the PTA baths, right?

More updates, Addie.. we are all drooling for each little morsel from you!!

love, cindi o'h

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Oh (((Addie))),

I knew all that raucous behavior would get you into trouble :roll: ! Now look! You are isolated from all the other inmates due to behaving badly. I say GOOD FOR YOU :D !!!!!

Keep us up to date as you can. We are all pulling for an early release.

Love you,


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Re: the mush for breakfast...they just want to be sure you don't get too comfy with the accomodations there. Want you to work extra hard to get home ASAP.

You are around the final turn and headed for...what the heck do you head for in a race? :oops: Oh yeah! You're headed for the finish line! HOME!!!!!

Keep us posted - lunch menu, nurse's gossip, anything!


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If you are not out in a week I guess we'll load up the pink bus again. Give em heck and get that rub down. You deserve better than mush.

You are a blessing to all of us and I am so glad you have the computer there with you so that we can tell you that.


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