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Anxiously awaiting more cookbook orders.....


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Don't mean to be a pest, but I have not gotten any orders in a week, so I am all ready for more :):)

Some self centered reasons for you to order:

1. I need an excuse to go to the post office to get boxes b/c I was dumb and purchased some odd size holiday gifts to send to my friend's children in NY.

2. I am going for my pregnancy test (which I am 90% certain is negative) on Sunday. So I will need something to keep me occupied when I come home and wait for the phone call. Hence I can process orders and pack books.

3. If it is a big order, my dad has to carry the boxes to the post office for me and he can use the exercise.

4. Brian is doing the "I told you so" now that sales have slowed down, and I love nothing more than to prove him wrong.

5. I can brag that I sold however many books and maybe get more sales out of that. Nothing like casually mentioning to a friend "oh I sold about 200 of those books" to get them to remeber to order ;)

If you are ordering by snail mail instead of paypal, feel free to e-mail me at andrea@lchelp.org so I can pre-package for faster receiving :)

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Andrea, I don't have any more orders right now, but hope some come in soon so you have plenty of tasks to occupy your mind while in the wait mode.

I wanted to thank you (and all of the helpers) for making these wonderful cookbooks. I have 15 of my 20 earmarked for gifts to special people in my life who understand how special Jim was. And they all listen patiently when I go into my tirade about lung cancer, it's lack of funding, etc.

Thank you so much!


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I am giving them to everyone on my list, from my kids teachers to my hairdresser. John had made some beautiful mixing bowls and special friends will get one inside one of his bowls, tied up with cellophane.

I just wrapped one last night for my secret Santa gift at work. I put it in a Christmas tree cake pan tied it up with ribbon, cellophane and a bright red ginger bread cookie cutter on the bow--it looks great.

Does anyone have a gift shop or store that could sell some?

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Ry how brilliant, the office grab bag, I should have thought of that!!! What a great way to show off the book some more and make my co-workers feel guilty that they have not ordered it! (well 1 did). I have a copy on display in the lunchroom.

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Just want everyone to know that the cookbook is wonderful. I love cookbooks with recipes that have been used by "real people". I love knowing what most of the ingredients are. Sometimes in "store cookbooks", I haven't a clue what ingredients are and pass the recipe because of that. These are truly recipes that interest me. Now if I only had the time to make them!!

Love Andreas idea of putting the recipe books in staffrooms to entice those at work too.

Get your cookbook soon!

gail p-m

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Kasey, you are not alone. I'm going to steal Ry's creative packaging ideas too!

I LOVE cookbooks, but hate to cook. This is now my favorite cookbook and has some yummy sounding dishes. Might have to reconsider getting the oven fixed. I kind of thought it was a blessing when it gave out a few months ago. :wink:

Thanks Ry!

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