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Prayer request for Brother- UPDATED


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Dear Katie...I'm sorry...I did not know your brother was in the hospital..I sure hope it is not serious...and of course he is added to the prayer line....I already said a prayer...and remember when prayer's go up...blessing come down...

A little p.s. here...I see the good looks run in your family.



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Thank you all so much.

My brother was sent home last night. HIs counts are still low and he isn't out of the woods yet.

I didn't talk to him tonight, my mom did.

He has an attitude that he doesn't "need" anyones help, that he can do this alone....yet he calls when he is so sick and being admitted to the hospital.

How are we supposed to deal and help him if he doesn't give an inch....and isn't it alittle hypocritical to say you don't want help, yet call and reveal how dire your situation is and how alone you are?

GEEZE....I should be posting this in the family member forum! Going to do that now.

Anyway, thank you my friends for your prayers. Keep them coming- my family needs them right now.

Hugs and much love,


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