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Status report on the Suk-ster


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so suki goes back to the surgeon on Monday, where she'll have an x-ray, first. I am very curious why no PET/CT but she's happy to not have to do it, so I'm not pushing. I guess the x-ray is primarily to monitor her remaining lung.

she still has not really regained her speaking voice since she was on a vent. for the pericardial window surgery. having checked everything else out, her doctors now attribute it to a shocked and confused diaphragm and weakened chest muscles. she's doing physical therapy, pulmonary therapy and will actually start voice lessons - like, singing - soon. let's all say a prayer for a sound-proof room.

she told me she did 3/4 of a mile on the treadmill this morning, and she's weaning off the O2 when she's resting (obviously, uses it to exercise, etc.)

she told me this morning she is starting to feel like she is "in the world" again, having some success at her business, and so on. here's her website, just for fun: http://www.sukidesigns.com/

oh, and she's been on Tarceva for 2 months now and has almost no side effects. just some dry skin. the nurses at her oncs office assured us that there is no correlation between side effects and effectiveness, so I am glad she's not suffering and I trust it's doing what it's supposed to.

so that's it, that's the latest on Suki, the One-Lung Wonder.



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Yippeeeee......so glad to hear that Tarceva is working!

Sending you lots-a-luck for a clean x-ray....and even MORE luck on the singing lessons. But, heck, as long as she is enjoying herself who really cares that she is breaking all the windows and glasses in the house. Isn't that what they make plastic and paper plates for anyway???

Warm Hugs,


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Good Job Suki! The treadmill did the trick for me in helping me to rebuild my lung capacity. Glad to hear things are starting to look up for you. It's been a long time a coming!

Thanks Bunny for the good update. :D:D:D

I'm really happy to hear the Treceva is doing it's job! That's REALLY GREAT NEWS!

Now could you turn that treadmill south west and get a running start and help me to my closets??? :P:wink: Loved the website! :wink:

Hugs to you and mom,


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Hi Bunny!

I went to your mom's website - WOW!! :shock: I'm really impressed by someone who has a talent and actually uses it. Does she make house-calls in NE Colorado?

Hope Suki will be talking at full-volume soon. She seems like such a determined woman, I'd be surprised if she let any of this stand in her way. (Although, there is a part of me that thought, "Hmmmm, a mom who can't talk too much. This is a problem?" :lol: )


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Bunny and Suki...it sounds like everything is going great! Bunny...don't kid yourself. I know you would be absolutely thrilled for your mom to belt out a song for all the world to hear! Heck with a sound proof room! Suki, just keep up this great progress!!

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