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hospital in dire need of Patkid's mac & cheese recipe!!


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OH, Addie,

I wish I could cook for you!!! Brian is not eating right now, except for the BRAT diet ~~~~ how appropriate is that???????????????

Bananas, rice, applesauce and tea for Mr. Diarrhea.

It is just so good to see your post.

We are with you. We really are there with you.

Lots of love


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Oh (((Addie))),

Boy, am I sorry about the hospital food :( ! You gotta figure a way to get something decent 'sneaked' in, whadda ya think? I'd be glad to make Pat's mac and chhese, BUT it may be a little cool by the time I get it to you :shock: .

Hope there is SOMETHING you can eat. You need to keep up strength for rehab, right?

Think of you all the time. I've been sending all the good wishes, hopes, vibes, etc. that you experience some improvement.



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hospital food is insult to injury, isn't it Addie? you poor thing. hang in there. I wish I could send you a pizza. we did have some laughs at what arrived on the tray when my mom was on the "mechanical limited" diet. they will dice up ANYTHING. pretty funny.

hang in there! we love you and are cheering you on.



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Oh Addie-- I feel for you I really do. I spent some hospital time and the food was horrible. I am a vegetarian so they gave me the vegetarian menu. They only had 2 entrées and they were a veggie burger and then the same veggie Burger with sauce called something else for the next day. I couldn't stand it! I sent for the dietitian-- and I am not kidding you should too! She told me they would make whatever I ordered-- so complain and see what they can do. You need nourishment. When the dietitian asked me what I wanted on the vegetarian menu I had to tell her that vegetables would be a nice start. :shock: Kick some butt.


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I don't know if you are laughing over what Ry just said about the vegetables for a start, but I sure am..

Order in, if nothing else. They got Chinese? Get a yellow pages and go to the restaurant section. Tell him 5 buck bonus for a hot delivery and don't forget about a nice salad to go with it.. You deserve to have a good, meal, Addie. Get Paul on this. Or one of the aides..

How about a dinner of sea bass? Steamed zuchini, gnocci, and a fresh garden salad?

cup of green tea, of course.

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