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Can't stop crying..


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I know- I miss my Rachel too- she was my best friend for over 45 years....more like my twin ....she passed away in August and I cry all the time- I have come to realize that it is the way it is.....and will be until it isn't....

Sister Betty who did Rachel's service and who spent a lot of time with all of us before Rach passed once told us it was good to cry because it lets all the poisen out- I think she is right so I am gonna keep cryin 'til it's all gone !!! Bless you dear Donna-

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My Mom died on Monday. I am just putting one foot in front of the other. You have to do the same. Change your routine. Do things that have made you feeling good in the past.IMPORTANT, keep talking and reaching out for support. I know that my life will never be the same but I will not be honoring her if I stop living.

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Dear Donna:

My heart was heavy after reading your post about the loss of your beloved brother. There is no pain, no grief, no loss greater than losing a brother,sister, parents, or a child. There are no words that can make you feel better. The best thing I can tell you is to let your grief be felt, cry, and then talk to your priest, or pastor, or other spiritual person. Have them come to your home, where you can really let your pain out. It does help. Don't even think about holding back. Write to your dear beloved brother, and tell him everything you feel and think about. No, he won't answer you directly, but his spirit is alive and well, and he will know. You will see signs from him now and again. He is your guiding angel now, so talk to him when you feel like it. When you see a little sparrow bird, know that he is watching over you--God's eye is on the sparrow, and he knows and cares for you.

Love and prayers


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