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So far my best strategy has been, take a zanex and go to bed..Maybe you guys have a solution for my biggest problem..Mark has a beautiful hair salon, Mark Anthony Salon..He left it to me, because we would be there evry day together for the last 18 years and I know the business..His station was right in the middle of the shop, as you walk in..Of course, he was the STAR..

Now it is empty and all I do is look at it all day, with the empty chair and all his things still on the counter..Can any one think of something I can do to make this station less upsetting to me..

I already offered it to the other hairdressers, and they don't want to switch theirs..I feel like this is making it worse looking at a shrine all day..

I would appreciate any suggestions..

I think this is the biggest problem I have, being there all day with out Mark..

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Just another silly thing that bothers me all day..I know i am being foolish, and it will get better..I guess I am hoping for a miracle over night..I know grief takes time, but I wish the time would pass quickly and I know that is not possible..You guys make me realize more and more each day..I am grateful for that..

Hugs to all my (((((friends)))) here...


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I guess my brother helped me out with this one..One of his hairdressers is going to take over his station..Thanks mark!! I don't have to worry about this any longer, the problem is solved..Thanks guys for all the great suggestions..I guess they really do watch over us, and help us from heaven..

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just another wacky idea - put it out at a cancer center or something that you're doing low-cost makeovers for people undergoing treatment and ask the other stylists to volunteer to do them? maybe one a day? in Mark's chair. I know some people having chemo won't have hair...just an idea, to honor him somehow.

where's the salon, Donna?

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Bunny..The salon is in the Pocono's, pa..mark worked on 57th and 5th Ave for 20 years..he used to do all the movie stars, Ford models, Elite Models, etc..He has quite the bio..He moved to pa., 18 yeras ago and when they all heard where he was from, and the beautiful work he did his name was bigger than life in Pa..I see you are from NYC, where? Mark loved the city with a passion, we used to go back for plays, dinner, etc..I miss it as well..Ironically he died back in NY, the city he loved so much..

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