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how to get assistance??


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my step father and myself have both taken the family medical leave act. the problem is this time off is taken without pay. Mom needs full time care now and neither one of us gets paid if we stay with her. We have talked about selling the house and car, but then we still have to pay rent and get her to dr. appts. somehow. weekly nursing here runs about 600.00 a week and mom only gets 700.00 a month from SSD total.

are there assistance programs out there to help us either with paying for full time care for her or help with bills???

she doesn't want to be left alone and medicially she can't anyway. we are lost and dont know where to turn for help.

no only does cancer devestate her and us emotionially, now its doing so financially.

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I was recently searching for financial information from the viewpoint of terminal illness and found a wonderful resource at http://www.gaymoney.com See publications: HIV and serious illness. If anyone is considering using their life insurance to get money now - go to this site first. He also mentions benefits specific to NY. I found this site so informative and applicable to my situation that I think I'll post a new topic about it. I have also heard about reverse mortgages and this may be something you could look into. I am so sorry that you have to deal with this additional burden.


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Guest Karen L

Most assistance will be through your State Medicaid program which is State specific. Forget Federal stuff other than Disability and SSI which I think her income is too much. What State do you live in?

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