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Getting To Know You - December 01


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When I had the second thoracotomy the surgical staff did not have me placed on the table correctly, so there was an area on my left lower leg that had the blood supply cut off. The tissue there died, and it looks like I have a "shark bite" on the back of my leg just above the ankle and at the swell of the calf. It is very noticable and it looks like something came along and took a bite out of my leg. I would have that filled in so it didn't look so deformed.

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Close call between the neck liftie and eyelids.....since I can't wear a turtleneck on my eyelids, guess I would have the eyes done.

I think if I wait just a few more years, I can claim my puffy eyelids restrict my vision and then maybe insurance would pay??? Something to ponder in life on a slow day.....

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OH my goodness..................

Everyone is a comedian today. Reading this posts and can't help but crack up laughing. Sometimes keeping things "light" is such a wonderful thing.

Thanks to everyone for making my day SO much brighter. :D

Hugs to you all!!!


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Is there a procedure that attaches a tube to the top of your head and sucks out all the excess?????

If there is, may I book an OR imediately.

This procedure would, of course, tighten the skin and put everything back where it used to be.

If not, I'll just have my eyelids done.


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Definitely, lipo suction and a tummy tuck. I would love to have a flat stomach. I am actually really thinking of getting it done.(someday) Big stomachs are a curse on my moms side. Now my dad always had a washboard stomach, but none of us acquired that, unfortunately.

I would have killed to be able to wear a bikini when I was teenager. I was able to wear a two piece but never a bikini.

Also its a shame they don't have Plastic survery to give you long legs :roll:

Flat stomach, long legs, thats my daughter!!

Next would be the eye lift

Oh I can dream...

Maryanne :wink:

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Ok, ladies!Just how many out there would like to have both boobs made the SAME size? :shock:

I have always hated that, and I guess if I weren't in the chicken coop with Ry I would have the bigger one reduced and both of them lifted up to where they should be!

However, cosmetic surgery ranks low on my on my list of priorities, so it will not likely come to pass...


PS: Ry, get out of the chicken coop and get the "girls" reduced! This isn't just a cosmetic procedure and is often a medical need insurance will cover if you have back pain, headaches, etc.

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I would have Lipo and get those fake 6-pack abs implanted.

I am always looking for the easy way out. I figure it would take 2 years at least 2 hours per day to get those 6 pack abs. Let figure this out...

700+ hours per year x 2 = 1400 hours total to reach what a 15000.00 and 3 hours of sleep/sugery time could do.. hhhmmm

Just kidding.

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A few years ago I would have said remove the wrinkles and make me slimmer. Now I have decided that I have earned every wrinkle and grey hair. God seems to be satisfied with me and Johnny loved me the way I am. So now I am comfortable with the way I look. I'm even comfortable with my weight. If someone doesn't like it they can look the other way :!:

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