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November 2005 Jokes Vote// Jokes Statistics??

Frank Lamb

Who told the best jokes in November 2005?  

16 members have voted

  1. 1. Who told the best jokes in November 2005?

    • The Gabby Girls
    • The Gifted Guys
    • Even Tie

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Happy December everyone.November 2005 is already gone and we have seen another month go by.

November was a really great month in the Just For Laughs Forum.There were 78 very good jokes told(56 by the girls and 22 by the guys.)WHO DO YOU THINK TALKS THE MOST. :roll::roll: ?.There were also over 8500 viewers(8516 best I could tell between beers and donuts.)

With all this in mind we can be certain that we did in deed bring some smiles,chuckles,laughs and probably a few groans to the faces of many special people who are in some way affected by lung cancer.Whether they be patients,caregivers or family and friends of someone stricken with this poopy disease.And this as always is what we are all about.

Good job everyone and thank you for your support.

Please vote for whom you think told the best jokes in November 2005.

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I'm with the rest of the 'girls', we win!!

I'm thinking you tried to sway the vote with your use of adjectives, as in "gabby" girls and "gifted" guys. We saw right through it Frank..no subliminal messages for us.. :roll::lol:

And by the way, what is with you and poop lately? Now your using it as an adjective. Jeesh Frank! :wink::lol:

Thanks to you and Mr. Ry, as always, for watching over the funny farm :lol: ...

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Girls Rule....Definitely!

Frank, if you'd lay off the chocolate donuts and beer a bit, you'd know what GTKY means!

Anyway...you do a wonderful job of keeping this forum rolling right along! Thanks to all for making us laugh!

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