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Alimta is still doing it's job!


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I had my doctors appointment yesterday to discuss my latest ct scan. After 6 Alimta treatments, I'm still stable! So, yesterday afternoon I went ahead with my 7th treatment. What's so amazing about this is that I have never been able to have even 6 treatments of previous chemo's, but Alimta is treating me a little better.

I have one more month of the Lovenox shots for the blood clot in my left lung and then I'm done with those!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhh!

My doctor also said that there are many new clinical trials at MD Anderson that are looking really hopeful, all mostly along the lines of targeted therapy like Tarceva and Alimta, and some in pill form too. He said if the Alimta starts treating me bad in the future, these trials are definately an option. That was good news to us, as I was feeling like my options were dwindling down to nothing after Alimta....

Well, that's it for me, a couple of weeks of feeling crappy and then I'll be able to enjoy the holidays!


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Your news gives me a very genuine feeling of comfort and hope. Sounds like you are one of the people who will benefit from the new treatment discoveries! If and when you need to try something else, it's so darn GOOD to know there are other options out there and more coming every day.

'Twas just wee3ks before Christmas

when T'Ann got to say

"Just a few more injections

and I'll be feelin' O-TAY!"

Happy holidays just around the corner for you!


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