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What do I expect with brain mets from SCLC


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Hello my hubby was dx in June with SCLC at that time he had 9 cycles of cisplatin and etoposide and 9 weeks five days a week of radiation. He responded great to his initial tx with minimal side effects from the tx.

Then three weeks ago he presented with facial "tics" He reported this to his onco on he ordered an MRI of his head.

The MRI results were devestating,my hubby has several mets to his brain,they stopped counting at 14!

He started WBR immediately,today he saw the onco again and he believes my hubby's primary cancer has once again reared it's ugly head,he has ordered yet another CT scan.

What am I to expect with mets to the brain?? I have already noticed that my hubbys personality has changed,he has gone from mild manner to being beligerant and violent!!

This scares me a lot I have never in the 18 years I have been with him seen him act as he has been the last week!!

If anyone has any experiences with this please respond to this post I need advice on how to handle this!

Thank you and God Bless


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The only experience I have with brain mets is when my dad had colon cancer and spread to the lining of the brain. He was unsteady on his feet and his vision and hearing were affected as well. I believe it all depends on *where* in the brain the lesions are and how large they are. Hopefully, someone with much more knowledge than I have, will come along shortly and answer your questions.

I do think it would be a good idea to speak to his doc about the personality changes....especially since his behavior is frightening you. There are meds that can be prescribed to help with the changes you are seeing.

Many prayers and please keep us posted, ok!

Hugs, dear Karen


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My husband also had brain mets, but he only had one solitary tumor 3.0 x3.5. Now I will ask you if the dr. put your husband on the steriod Decadron?? Alan had very bad mental reactions to decadron, he halucinated, had no concept of reality. for example he thought he was frozen and would not eat unless I defrosted him!!! By the time the Dr. detoxed him off decadron he did not know who I was, however, once the drug was out of his system he became his old self again.

Alan had WBR and radiation to the tumor site itself, now again he only had 1 tumor. I am happy to say after all his treatments there is no visible evidence of the tumor.

I will pray that everything settles down and that your husband's treatments are successful

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