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I am now 66. 21 months ago I was doing some jogging and noticed an unusual shortness of breath:

03/02/05 XRAY. GP says looks like rt lung has cancer

03/15/05 Biopsy - Stage 3B NSCLC with malignent pleura effusion. Some nodules also involved. Bottom line - Inoperable

04/07/05 Start Carboplatinum and Gemzar 9 weeks.

06/15/05 Pleuracentisis - lung drained.

06/29/05 Radiation 60gy/Carboplatinum and Taxol

07/21/05 Treatments end - told tumor had shrunk some

11/01/05 Pneumonia - hospilized 6 days.

04/22/06 Pneumonia - hospital stay 4 days.

QOL - not bad - restricted physically because of SOB is main complaint. Coughing is moderate

11/05/06 Pneumonia - hospitalized 5 days. Started on nebulizer treatements at home. No other treatments since July '05. SOB requres oxygen when active. I'll take it.

01/01/2007 Tarceva Treatments begin.

03/03/2007 Tarceva fails - cancer has spread to left lung and liver. Started on Avastin. Put on full time oxygen. QOL still however good.

CT -SCAN Summary

May 2005 no significant interval change

August 2005 minimally decreased in size

December 2005 further diminution in size

February 2006 no significant change

May 2006 slight progression

August 2006 no significant interval changes

Nov 2006 moderate progression. I begin

Tarceva Treatment January.

March 2007 Cancer has spread to liver and

left lung. Off Tarceva on Avastin.

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Hi and Welcome to our support family.Sorry tho that you need to be here.

You will find many knowing and caring people here.The chemo you have done even tho you tolerated it well stays with you for a while and does cause loss of energy in most folks.

Good luck with your upcoming scans.Keep us informed please.

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I also welcome you along with everybody else. You seem like you are doing just fine. Your endurance will come back with time.

Good luck on the CT next week Let us know the results. Fingers will be crossed for good results.


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Welcome...you'll find a lot of information here. Just curious about something: Did you obtain a second opinion on whether or not you are a surgical candidate? Because not all Thoracic Surgeons are created equal. One of the things I've learned over the years is that too often it isn't a question of whether the patient is operable but rather a question of whether the Surgeon has the skill and experience to tackle the complex cases. I am walking, talking, living, breathing (with part time supplemental O2 assistance) example of what a gifted surgeon (Dr. Frederic Grannis)can do with a very complicated "case" of tje patient is willing to travel to where the gifted ones practice medicine.

At any rate, welcome. And if you'll tell us the name of the nearest large city to you maybe we can find the name of a gifted Surgeon near you. (Please read Kasey's story under My Story.) Best wishes to you.

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Welcome! So good to hear from someone who tolerates their treatment so well. That's good news. Must be frustrating to have lower endurance when you were used to lots of physical activity. Do you still do some form of exercise?

It's such a shock when you've been healthy and done what you could to treat your body well and you still get this! :roll: For most of us, this diagnosis is a real surprise.

Looking forward to knowing you better!


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Welcome to the support group. You will get a lot of support here that will make things a little easier. I have similar problems. Please contact if you wish. Perhaps we can share some info on our diagnosis and treatment.


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