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Tim is home from the Hospital


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Tim came home late yesterday afternoon. They kept him in 2 nights to make sure that they had the level of steroids (decadron) and anti-seizure (dilantin) medication right and he was dehydrated so they kept him on IV fluids. The spasms in his right arm and leg arm now controlled and the headaches are going away. He had his second radiation treatment this morning and they plan on a total of 10. There are multiple mets, but we are NOT giving in to this thing ! The doctor said these treatments are very effective. We had an outpouring of help from Tim's family and I had a long talk with my stepsons Monday night and they have really come around. It's been really emotional, but Tim is still got a positive attitude.

I have to share with you how great his Oncologist is. When she told us, she was so compassionate...and she made sure we had a private room. They put a cot in for me and I stayed with him the whole time. When we were waiting in the exam room and she came back in 3 times to make sure we were ok..and she stood there rubbing my arm and said, I wish there was a way to make this easier on you....

Then when she was in examining Tim Tuesday evening, the kids came and Madison (our granddaughter was with them...in all her 9 month old glory) and Dr. E wanted to know who everyone was..and she was even playing with Madison.

Yesterday, she came up to discharge Tim BETWEEN patients because she knew he wanted to go home...and I went out in the hall with her and thanked her for being so kind to us...I gave her a hug and said "You are amazing" and she looked at me and said "NO...YOU are amazing". She has come across to us as such a warm human being...someone you could actually see as being a friend... she is brilliant (we have heard this from MANY sources). After hearing so many horror stories about cold unfeeling doctors..and ones that are not on top of things...I needed to share this with you all. I will be going back to UMass Memorial Hospital as a volunteer in the Oncology dept......

My mother-in-law is staying the rest of the week and it is so appreciated. And tonight Tim's brother John is bringing over all kinds of food and is grilling for us....We are going to make the absolute best of EVERY day.

Sorry for the rambling, but had to share...Thank you ALL so much for all the posts and messages...I have told the Nurse Manager in the Oncology Dept (also a Cancer Survivor of 6 years) about this webboard and how much of a help and inspiration it has been....she is going to pass it on to people looking for support and encouragement..

I have no words to express properly how much I appreciate you all !!!!


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Dear Kathy,

1. I am so happy for you and Tim that he is home.

2. I am so happy for you and Tim that he has a wonderful compassionate onc.

3. I am so happy for you and Tim that his family is finally rallying around.

4. I am so happy for you and Tim that he is feeling better.

Keep these upbeat posts coming.

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Hi Kathy,

Great news that Tim is home. Its so much better to be home than in the hospital. Keep me posted about Tim as he goes through the radiation and steroids. I think it helps to compare notes. I hope all is well this morning. It's great news that your family is finally there for you - you need it!

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