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Monday mon; Tuesday me--12/6 results update


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On Monday my mom goes for her chest ct scan. My favorite time, test time :) Also, she still has not had her heart shocked for her afibliration b/c her blood is still too thick, they keep increasing her cumadin and she goes back weekly to check it.

The stinky part is that for the FIRST TIME ever I will not be at her Dr Barth (oncologist) apt on Mon (it is neat, they just opened their own radiology, so you get scanned and see him for results immediately) b/c I will be busy cleansing.....

On Tuesday I am scheduled for a colonoscopy/endoscopy for some rectal bleeding. I saw the gastro today. My dad said to him "since you are diong the colonoscopy, she mentioned she might have reflux, she coughs, so why not do an endoscopy, two for one at same time" The dr thought it was a a good idea :roll:

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Always out to save a buck, here's hoping the THROAT side is first! :shock:

It's no surprise, you having rectal bleeding. Your mother's health is a real pain in the ar - er, butt for you!

Here's to mom and daughter BOTH being clean when needed, and to answers instead of more tests!


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Hi Andrea, I have had several colonoscopys and 1 endoscopy. They have this really neat drug - Versed - or something like that. Not a bad deal at all. I have a really strong gag reflex and I told them that for the endoscopy and they sprayed my throat with something and it went just fine.

My gosh, you have too much going on. I hope you are taking care to just relax. I am praying that your Mom's CT is good. I enjoyed so much meeting you and your Mom, and Brian, you guys are just the sweetest people. We just live too close not to get together again.....maybe after the first of the year.

Love and hugs,

Nancy B

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Hoping all goes well for both of you! Oh...one thing. Don't let them convince you that when they scope from the top and then from the bottom they "meet" in the middle. They never make it through the small intestine. Can't be done. That's why Researchers invented the tiny camera the patient swallows. And there is a radiologic study called an UPPER GI with Small Bowel Follow Through that, though not perfect, can help with finding abnormalities in the small intestine.

I know...may be information overload. But I've read where others have posted that they were told that the Endo and Colonoscopy met in the middle and that just isn't so.

Good luck to you both, Andrea.

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I'll be hoping good news for your mom on Monday and an easy time for you on Tuesday (followed by good news, of course!)

Your dad was probably right putting in his BTW to the doctor on your behalf - get 'em both over in the same day. That's a dad for you! 8)

As they say in the pub, bottoms up! (Okay, okay! I HAD to do it! It HAD to be said!!!)


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As usual Fay is right on target. I agree with your dad though that you should get the upper as well as the lower while under what is called conscience sedation. You won't remember any of it but that way you only have to go through it one time. I must have yearly exams now as they found a non-cancerous polyp the last time. It isn't fun getting ready but it is a piece of cake from then on.

Prayers with you and your mom next week.


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