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Getting To Know You - December 02 (courtesy of Deb)


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To see my son grow up and be a good christian and successful at whatever he does. To see him be empathetic of others and to have a true concern for other people.



P.S. Also, to get a Subaru WRX STI. HEHE.

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To see all three of my sons, happy and financially stable. I'm almost there on that goal. If it weren't for student loans, they might me there...especially the attorney! If everyone knew how expensive attending a good law school is, they would realize why attorneys charge the rates they do. The other thing that I can't wait for is to be a grandmother. Right now, I have three wonderful grand dogs but that just doesn't make it!

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This really hasn't been a goal on paper, but I have always wanted to go to Maine and sit and eat Lobster all day long; breakfast lunch and dinner for a whole week. And I suppose I could go to Alaska and eat some humongous crab legs in the same way. Fact is, J.C. and I are going on a cruise to Alaska one day in our mink bikinis!

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Last fall I was in Prince Edward Island

visiting a friend and for a week, we had

lobster twice a day.

She put on weight, I lost weight, she may have

got the bigger lobster in her plate...will check

on that for the future.

No mink bikini.

East could be easier done than North perhaps.

Open to all.

Time will tell when.



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