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Decadron Side effects


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I've noticed several threads regarding the bad side effects of Decadron: irritable, hostile, itchy, restless, lack of sleep, etc.

Joel has been on 4 mg 4 times a day since Tuesday and so far, it's given him way more energy and relieved most of the pain in his legs. He seems a lot more like his old self, talking and laughing and he was crying like a baby about a "Lost" show the other night.

Question is do they start getting bad effects later? Do they start out OK and then get "crazy" later on? I'm a little concerned or would he already have the bad effects by now? Inquiring minds.....


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Hi Pam.

everyone has different effects at different times with differing doses. But, the first few times for me, it was almost euphoria. Everything was right in the world. Then later and with different doses came the prednisone beast. Decadron seemed to affect me differently than prednisone. There is emotional lability that comes with it much of the time, but not all the time.

If you have ever had PMS and not been taken seriously by your mate, is a way that I can describe someone on steroids who is not taken seriously if their mate says, "it's the steroids" at the wrong time. On the other hand, it is good to have a reprieve from a mate when it is appropriate as well.."it's the steroids".. !! Don't know if this makes any sense.

Good luck with them. They are necessary for so many of us. I have noticed that some people hardly have any side effects while others suffer side effects badly. I guess you just wait and see...

If he has trouble sleeping I would ask the doctor for a sleep aid if nothing else works. Rest is important.

Cindi o'h

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Hi -

I sent you a PM as well -- my mom has been on 12mg a day for about 2.5 months (maybe a little longer.) She has had few to no side effects (has the moon face, didn't get it til two weeks ago ...and some muscle shakiness) - but no problems sleeping, no moodiness, etc. The steroids have been a Godsend for us - as they helped the inflammation in the neck so much.

We are in the process of cutting back (it is a 14 days schedule for us) and have her at 4mg a day right now....where I think we will stay for a while, as when we cut them down a bit more the neck pain came back with a vengence.

Keep us posted. I am so glad they have helped the pain -- they kept us from having to really up the Duragesic patches she is on.


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I was given Decadron during chemo and throughout the 20 PCI treatments. I thrived. Got lots of things accomplished, kept a normal appetite (even lost alittle weight-needed to), and had no problem sleeping. We did a slow process of getting off of them and I had no problems. I would think he would have had the bad effects by now. I wasn't on them for pain, but for brain swelling during PCI. I hope this helps.

Nancy B

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Those of you who have either not experienced the negative side effects of steroids are indeed, fortunate.

I think this drug is just like all others. They will react well with some people, but not so well with some people.

I know that in the early days of my taking steroids I experienced the higher energy levels, the increase in appetite, the lessing of a lot of my physical pain. But over the years I began to see other side effects. Uncontrolled crying jags, inability to sleep, etc...and eventually much worse.

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