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Prayers for an appetite!


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Please know that although I don't respond to all the posts I read, everyone I read about is in my prayers! Now it's my turn for a request.

My father-in-law, Salvador, finished his brain radiation treatments last Thursday, but earlier in that week had lost his appetite. It dwindled pretty fast and when they went in to see the oncologist on Monday they found he had dropped almost 30 lbs. in 2-3 weeks. They said he is way too weak to do chemo to treat the mets in other areas and the onc ordered hospice care which began yesterday. They say the key is now to build up his strength to improve his quality of life for whatever time he has left. Needless to say, my mother-in-law is beside herself. She knew this route was a possibility on this cancer fighting journey but just doesn't want it to be, you know? The hospice nurse took his blood pressure and it wasn't too good either...80/54 I think while standing if I remembered it right.

We had been on a little trip to the ocean, my husband needed a few days away from this whole thing, and came back to help. He looked soooo weak but in other ways was just the same guy. Looking at him while sleeping made my husband worried, but when he was awake and talking he seemed pretty good. As we talked a bit about our trip with him, while he munched on his ice chips, he said he really wanted to do a trip to the ocean again with Sally(myMIL) to see some beautiful sunsets and walk on the beach. He also said he wasn't giving up even though they put him on "hospice status". Just needs his appetite back. For some reason sweet stuff feels too thick in his throat and he just can't do it. We were hoping some Gatorade or Powerade with electrolytes would help him out earlier this week but the sweet thing thwarted that plan.

Thankfully, the hospice nurse called in a prescription for something to build that appetite back up as that is the key to so many symptoms he is having right now and (HOORAY) he had a small bowl of Cheerios this morning. I would have done a cartwheel if my back wasn't so tensed up.

Please add him and his need for an appetite to your prayers. I am so glad he still has that fighting spirit in him even while his hair is falling out and he is looking like a Twiggy version of Charles Bronson. He is one of those tough stubborn types, so if pulling a U-turn on this route is possible, he will be among those who get it done! :wink:

Thanks for caring~


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