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Clear bone scan for my dad!


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My poor dad has been having such bad back pain. He had a back injury several years ago and it seemed to get worse towards the end of his chemo. They did a bone scan, which of course we were very nervous about, but it was clear!!! We can breathe a little easier now. He still has back pain, but I can't help but wonder if it is somehow gotten worse due to the chemo and also not being as active as in the past. Anyway..thanks for letting me post our good news!


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No mets is good news. I will say that if we have preexisting back problems the inactivity that goes along with being in active treatment (for some of us) can lead to weakening of the supporting back muscles, and lead to pain. Ask his docs for some possible muscle strengthening exercises, but make sure to check with the doc before he starts anything. Hoping all goes well for him and those he loves.

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