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Guest peggyd

Mike had asked me not to call our family doctor for results of his scan before we went to see the onc. Sorry Mike, had to do it. The results did not sound that good to me. The lump in his lymph node is smaller. No change in the lung masses. But the CT scan saw something on his liver and on the bone in his spine. Recommended a MRI.

I was worried all week before we saw the onc today. I was sure that Mike would not be able to handle the possibility of mets especially to the bone. God bless the onc. She told him about the liver spots but said that they had showed up before on a scan and following a PET scan turned out to be nothing. She also mentioned the bone spot but said that might be nothing as well. She is sending him for a PET scan to find out what is really happening. She also said that the lung mass might be nothing but scar tissue.

He seemed to take that all well. And was pleased that she is curtailing chemo for the time being and sending him in September (after the PET scan) for radiation (five days a week for three weeks).

I want so to be positive and believe all she says but I'm afraid that she is just being careful as to what she is telling him. Is the lung just scar tissue or has the chemo ceased working?

I guess the PET scan will answer that question. I wanted so to post on the GOOD NEWS board as we all do ... maybe next time.

In the meantime, I am just grateful for each and every day I have him here. I know so many of you lost loved ones so quickly. It has been one week short of five months since dx, time some of you never got. My heart goes out to you.

As an aside, I lost my mom last Sunday to Alzheimers. It has just not been a good year, month, week. Praying for better times ahead for all of us.

My love to you all. Thanks for listening.

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Both you and Mike are in my prayers. The scar tissue theory is certainly one possiblity! Let's aim for that one year "anniversary" dx date and beyond!!! Try to maintain positive thoughts and celebrate all the small victories in your battle. My father-in-law ate a bowl of Cheerios today and I just about turned a cartwheel. (He'd eaten nothing but ice chips for almost a week!) So sorry to hear about the loss of your mother as well. This journey called life certainly isn't a smooth paved road. Thank God for supportive friends!

The gift of laughter whenever possible can also do wonders...I think they have scientific proof of it being a helpful aid to healing. Really! Plan to rent some funny movies together and laugh til you fall off the couch! It is amazing how good of an anxiety release you can get, even if only for a short while. Allowing silly giggling to replace the worry certainly cannot hurt!

Other advice I have heard from someone whose dad fought off cancer for 20+ years before it came back for battle #2 was to have a goal for a few months from now and just visualize the heck out of it happening. Right now we are visualizing my in-laws being able to walk on the beach and watch an ocean sunset again. I plan to post a picture when it happens. 8)

You and Mike are in my prayers! God bless you both with some smiles, good news, and laughs real soon.


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