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My Turn....

Fay A.

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A few days after Thanksgiving I came down with a virus. It was mostly tummy trouble, but there was a "mild" respiratory element to it.

The following week when I had the PICC implanted in my left arm the doc couldn't find a vein, so he twisted my arm so that the underside was up and he inserted the PICC there. I was pretty well numbed up at that point, but did feel the muscle pull from inside the shoulder blade to the rib area.

A few days later the contractor did a great deal of drywall sanding, and failed to clean up an area where I have to walk to move from the house proper to the makeshift Kitchen in the garage. That night I was hit with a coughing spell that was so hard it felt as if I had broken several ribs, and torn my already painful shoulder right out of the socket.

Woke up the next day after a very rough night, and I was coughing up blood and what appeared to be infected phlem. Saw my Doc who prescribed phenergan, Biaxin, took some xrays and sent me home with instructions to double up on the pain meds.

I feel like a truck has hit me. And I'm supposed to start chemo tomorrow morning. The idea of having to deal with vomitting with probable broken ribs and a torn rotator cuff (don't have xray reports in yet)has me dreading tomorrow.

And.....neither the cabinet maker, the counter installer, nor the general contractor allowed enough space for the new range to fit.

Tonight I am discouraged. I would run away from home, but it won't do me any good, because I can't get away from me or the cancer. :(

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I'm sorry Fay. You have had too too much. It is time for life to give you a break. I find it absolutely amazing that you continue to fight and that you have a never give up attitude. It almost seems if it wasn't for bad luck you wouldn't have any luck at all.

I hope and pray that 2006 does a 180 for your life Fay. You offer so much here and we care so much for you. You are a amazing woman.

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I hope some parts take a 180, but not all of them. I hope your contractors can pop their heads out of their collective fannies and get your flippin' house finished. I hope you can "merely" deal with the possibility of cancer returning to your life instead of the daily battle with sneezes being so horrible, "simple" procedures being major screw ups and the like. I hope that some time, some where, things go as EXPECTED to the positive degree and not so rampantly in the negative...

But Fay, I hope to NEVER see your spirit take a 180. I'd run away with you, but Mark would be so lost without me the guilt would eat me up...and though I think if I remove myself from the situation all the feelings would be removed, I know they'd be replaced with guilt, something harder to deal with.

I love you, just wish life on the left coast would get a bit easier for you!



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Dear, dear, Fay. I can't imagine what you are going through. Any one of your problems would have me stumped, but you keep on keeping on in a way that can only be said to be courageous.

About 6 months after my surgery I coughed so hard that I broke 2 ribs. I know how badly it hurts.

As for the construction, that is a mess that is totally uncalled for. Have you reported this general contactor to the state? Is he bonded? It appears to me that he owes you money back for all of the horror he has put your family through.

Keeping you in my prayers.


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Jeez Fay, it's said we're only given as much as we can handle...you must be one TOUGH lady!! :shock: Seriously, I do hope you will find some comfort soon...I still have 4 pins in my right shoulder, and my left isn't much better. The coughing really does a number on them.

As for your contractors...I have a big ol' can of Arizona Whoop$%ss...if you decide to run away, head on over here...we'll pile in my Expedition, and go hunt them down... :wink:

Praying for improved EVERYthing for you, dear lady. Hang in there.

Oh, and Cindi...what ya got in mind...???... 8)

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(((Fay))),(((Fay))), (((Fay))),

So many gentle hugs for you sweet thing! I am just at a total loss for words that may be of any comfort to you :( . Murphy's law most certainly must have your name written all over it right now.

I think of you constantly...especially with all that has been going on. Prayers for some kind of turnaround Fay. You most certainly deserve a huge change of luck here.

Prayers are being said also that you do not lose your spirit which has kept you going for such a long time now. I LOVE that spirit!

Love you too, Fay,


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Oh Fay, I am so sorry that you're dealing with all these contractor screw ups on top of everything else. It's not like you don't have enough on your plate already. I'm saying prayers that your chemo will go well and there will be no bad side effects to deal with!

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Fay, sweetie, it's always "your turn" here. That's why we aren't the contractors or the docs or whoever steps on your toe in a particular day. We love and care about you, from a distance even, because we share so much in common with you.

Life happens while we're fighting our cancer. I've had to deal with things that I felt took up too much of my precious time and energy too, but it all comes and goes. It's part of life. To be sure, a life that turned out differently than we wanted it to, but ... you know the rest.

I'll hope and pray for fortitude and the strength to get through this and any hard times that come to you.


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Fay, I just saw this. hopefully, you're reading this with a renewed, fighting spirit and not too many side effects from your first chemo. session. we're with you in spirit. I'd run away with you, too. bring the Col. Sanders and we'll hit the road, Thelma and Louise without the crappy ending. instead of driving off a cliff, we'll drive to Mexico and lay in the sun with the cabana boys doting on our every whim.

love you fay, wish I could DO something.



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You are such a strong woman. Just taking on the task of remodeling while undergoing treatment is amazing. That whole thing with your PICC line sounds absolutely horrible! Just when you think they can't come up with another way to torture you, they rip your muscle from your shoulder. OWW!!!

Thinking of you this morning going through chemo. Hope it treats you well.

Hang in there....


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