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Not really my loss...


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I work at a very small school. Not long after Mom was diagnosed, a friend at work found her father had LC as well. He attacked it aggressively, but lost the fight Friday night. I feel for her, and her sisters (who also work with us). They are thankful that he is out of misery, but it has to be so hard.

We have been going through this parental LC battle together since last year. I feel so much for them. I couldn't attend the wake today, and can only make it to the funeral tomorrow if I can find a parent to cover my class (unlikely). I can make it to part of it on my prep, though.

I hate that my irrational fears for my mom are making me hold back a bit...like death from LC is contagious. I want to stand with them, and I will, but I felt awkward today. I know that right now this isn't about me, or my mom, but about them.

I just hate this stuff. I really do.


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I'm sure that all of your support and understanding during their battle has shown them how much you care and really do understand. I hope you are able to find a parent to cover for you so you can attend.

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Kelly, I am so sorry for the loss of your friends father. I'm sure you have been a great source of support and understanding during his illness. I hope you are able to attend the service, but if not, I'm sure your friend will understand. From experience, it's much more important to be there for someone in the days after a service than it is to attend the service. Things seem to get quiet after the service is over and often people don't want to talk about it as they fear they will open wounds that may have closed. It's so wonderful to have someoone to talk with about your loss when things get really quiet!

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