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Recurrent Fevers & memory difficulties


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Well once again last weekend I had a low grade (99-101) fever that lasted thru the weekend. I took the Zithromax that I have for this, and it stops the fever. I also had this in October, and in the summer two times. Just wondering if other people have this same problem. My doctor said I'm prone to bacterial infections. Do you think that's because of the radiation, or the poor shape of my lungs? This last round I also had shortness of breath and inhailing was very painful for about 2 days. I try my best to avoid "bacteria" wash hands alot, use the purell gell alot, etc. Do you think an immune booster, like that Emerg enc they advertise on TV would help. How else can I build my immune system? I'd really appreciate any feedback about recurrent fevers and what to do. The doctor on "Ask the Experts" seems to feel it's not a big problem, but frankly, for me it is as I'm totally knocked out by them and cannot go to work. I hate using sick days which I'm trying to bank so that if the big one returns, I'll have something to draw on.

Also - boy, this is long,

Memory problems. Do any fellow survivors experience memory difficulty at the 3 year mark since chemo was administered. I remember chemo fog, this is not quite as bad, but somedays I really have trouble remembering things, like names of people, why I walked into a room, what I had for lunch yesterday. I'm only 52, ya know!

Thanks for reading all of this. You're a great group of folks. I truly appreciate this board.


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Alan has a low grade fever a couple times a month. about 99-100. I have learned not to panic like I used to everytime these pop up and he had bilateral pnuemoina in march and spent a month in the hospital. Like you he is prone to infection, however, his Dr. told me as long as he does not hit 101, that lasts more than 24 hours, he should be ok.

Alan has memory issues, but due to his WBR.

Sorry you are going through all this.

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Joanie, I take Folic Acid. When my sister had a heart attack, the rehab nurse said everyone should take it because it builds the immune system. It's cheap too.

I have not had chemo or WBR and, unfortunately, I am older than you, but I don't remember why I walked into a room. The other day I was leaving a phone message and couldn't remember my phone number. DUH

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joanie, if you're uneasy you should definately talk to the doctor. that said, my mom has a low-grade fever periodically, too, and after making sure lung, heart and all the other 'big stuff' was OK, her docs told her not to worry about it. she feels icky when she gets it, too. I think it's her body's way of protesting what it's been through. like a picket line in her immune system. "heck no, we won't go!"

seriously, though, you have every right to feel safe so keep looking for help if you need it!!



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Hi Joanie,

I am told that there is such a thing as "chemo brain". My friend with breast cancer is 65 and she has it. I have trouble remembering words, I get it eventually but it takes a few seconds. Sometimes my husband has to remind me what we had for dinner last night. My husband is 56 and he has problems remembering. I just tell him that I have an excuse (chemo and PCI) and he doesn't. I think it is partly the age of the beast and also, there is so much going on in the world today, our brains just can't keep up. I wouldn't worry too much. I should buy stock in "post it" notes.

Not sure about the low grade fevers. There are days when I just don't feel good but never have a thermometer around. Just hang in there, and don't hesitate to call your doctor if you think something is wrong. We are all going to be OK.

Love and hugs,

Nancy B

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Hope they find the reason for your fevers.

I don't have lc but bc.

The book

The Real Vitamin & Mineral Book

by: Sahri Lieberman, PhD

and:Naccy Bruning

is my guide for all I need.

For memory loss all the group of vitamins B

act on that. (I take mine Jim.)

Perhaps you could have a look at it in a




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