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Dad has good scan results!!


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Hi Everyone:

Went with Dad to onc appointment today to get results of most recent ct scans after having received 4 0f 6 scheduled series of chemo. The doc said my Dad is doing great and that the chemo seems to be doing the trick. The liver mets have gotten smaller and the lung mass is now virtually an empty cavity where the mass used to be, but not completely gone. :roll: Hey, I will take that! Dad will receive his next two sessions as scheduled and then will be re-scanned after 6th one. I asked doc what was plan after that and she said she will see him every month and re-scan every two months. I don't know if this is aggresive enough, what do you guys think. Remember Dad has small cell(extensive) and this can greow VERY rapidly. :evil: Onc seemed very positive today and commented that my Dad looked good, he loved that being the lady's man that he thinks he is LOL. I was wondering if I should ask doc about possible radiation ect... or maintenance chemo after short break from this initial one. Just wanted to share this good news and hopefully get some answers at the same time. You guys are the BEST :!::!::!:


Dad dx. extensive small cell(May1, 2003) mets to liver

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I'm very happy that your dad is responding so well to the treatments. I guess I have to agree with my dads oncologist. If you have something that is working, don't mess with it. If the chemo is working that well, I woundn't rush into radiation. It may be necessary later to finish off some of the cells. You still should ask the oncologist about the possibility. You may get the answer you are looking for.

I hope your dad continues to do so well. Every person who responds that well provides hope to everyone else.

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Dear Kellyu,

Glad to hear your dad is doing so well. I also had sclc but limited, not extensive. I see the onc about every 4-6 weeks, have chest CAT scans every 3 months. i am considered to be in remission, my dr. has great hope for me. They may consider radiation for your dad, although i'm not sure if they do radiation with extensive sclc. John or Sam may know, if you want to ask them. Continued health for your Dad!


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Sounds like great news to me. Glad your dad is doing so well. I try to take it one day at a time and enjoy. Don't worry about the "what if's". Enjoy the fact that the chemo is doing what it is intended to do. Prayers for continued success in the battle.

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