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doesn't get any better than THIS!!!


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Hiya all.....

I just got news from my Moms CT scan.

It doesn't get any better than this....the large tumor has shrunk 80%.

The other two are down 50%. This Taxotere/Avastin is working!!!!!!!!!

My parents were waiting for the results before they decided if they would go to Florida. They go down every winter and the doctor gave them the go ahead. He said she is doing great. No reason to stay home so they will be leaving early January.

It is time to celebrate again. Yipppeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Warm Hugs,


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Gosh Melinda!!!

The holiday season can hardly get off to a better start than this, huh??? I am just so pleased for your folks AND for you too. What a load off everyone's mind , wouldn't you say?

Hope your parents have a wonderful time in Florida. And hey, if they get lonesome and need company...well....let me know :wink: !


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Shrinkage Dance, everyone!

Roll out the shrinkage

We'll have a lifetime of FUN!

Roll out the Shrinkage

YOu will be hugged by everyone!

When you do the Shrinkage Polka

The Relief is as a strong as the sun!

Eppie out!

Somebunny bring me a beer and a kielbasa!

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