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After Treatment Blues?


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I hope this is the right place to post this ,if not please move it.

Talked to my Aunt yesterday, she says my Uncle wants to stay in bed most all the time. He just got out of the hospital Thursday, I think. Will hardly eat, and when he does as before it is only a few bites.

He did get the g-tube, but doesn't want much of anything put in there. He's very emotional, crys alot. I know he must be very depressed he has every right to be, but my Aunt feels he should be happy he is doing so much better than he was at dx. I understand her side as well. God bless them both, I just do not know any answers.

Yesterday, he had to be rushed back to the hospital, because he couldn't breath. That was around lunch, or right before, kept him in the ER til about 7pm, and sent him home.

He had a doctors appt. today, Aunt said he sat in the exam room and cried the whole time. When the doc came him , the doc told him "if you think you're a burden , you're wrong. You have many people who love you and are taking care of you. SO get over it"! That's a bit harsh , isn' it?

Doc put him on Xanax , he's already on Ativan, and, Remeron. Not sure what other meds he is on.

I know chemo , and rads affect the body, and emotions differently on different people.

Can any of you relate to any of what he's going through? Or give me some advice to relay to my Aunt?

She is almost at her wits end. I am grasping for something to help them both.

Since they live near Dallas, would it be possible for my Aunt to reach someone there who could give her emotional support?

Sorry this is so long. I'll try to keep postings shorter.

Many Blessings!

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Your poor uncle...(and all of you :cry: ) Who WOULDN'T feel a little depressed after going thru SO much?

Some of it may be plain exhaustion. But, you might want to look into the Ativan, as well. While not as strong, I don't believe, as Xanax, it seemed to make me feel kind of depressed/weepy. Might be worth looking into, especially if the depression seemed to exacerbate after he started taking it. Since Xanax, and Ativan do essentially the same thing (reduce anxiety) maybe he could try the Xanax alone for awhile, and see how it goes...? Just my two cents...

Prayers for peace for you and your family.


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poor Uncle. :cry: I am no doc, of course, but the drugs you described are anti-anxiety meds. maybe he needs an anti-depressant. my mother DEFINATELY experiences emotional highs and lows around her treatment, not just testing etc. I read somewhere that the adrenaline it takes to get through rigorous treatment, including surgery, can cause a 'crash' that can last months.

I'd look into seeing a psychiatrist. the onc is probably great with the cancer, but a psych. should be able to help your uncle with is emotional state.

love and prayers to all of you,



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