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Excellent Partial Remission--What My Doctor Calls It!


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Hi All!

Had My Ct Scan Last Week, Was Not Scheduled To Go Over It Until My Appointment On The 16th Of This Month But My Doctor Called Tonight And Wanted Me To Know The Good News. Said Everything Was Gone (In Both Lungs) Except For Two Very Small Nodules. Everything Looks Good With My Adrenal Glands Etc. She Said What Ever I’m Dong (Bud Light And Chemo, Works For Me) To Keep It Up. Will Stay On Tarceva. Want To Also Take The Time To Thank My Wife, My Daughter, My Best Friend And All My Doctors And Nurses For Standing By Me And Sticking With Me In Spite Of My Unorthodox Way Of Thinking And Approaching It. I Am One Lucky b*stard!

Take Care, Rich

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Oh Rich!!!

Happy, happy, happy for you my friend!!! You are my inspiration and for many others as well. You most certainly are one who MOST deserves everything good that happens to come your way! And you have worked hard for this. Have a wonderful start to a FABULOUS holiday season.



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I am very happy for you and your family. All your hard work, determination and never give up attitude have paid off (not to mention that Bud Light trial you enrolled in early on :wink: ). Do something wonderful to celebrate. Soooo happy for you~you are a lucky b*stard.


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I don;t have a shrinkage dance.

I don;t have a "no evidence of disease polka", either.

WHat I do have is a sweet little number I'll call the "dissappearing cancer strip cybertease"...

Once you saw it...

NOw you don't..

This Lucky Bastid

says sayonara, cancer cells!

Eat Tarceva and die die die!

Happiness and make mine a vodka and diet tonic,


God, i love good news in capital letters~~~~~

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Rich!!!! this is great. Excellent Partial Remission! never heard of it, but we'll take it!! :lol: it sounds a little like Double Secret Probation, except its WONDERFUL!!

oh, I am just so happy to read your post. can't wait to buy you a celebratory beer!!



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