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Cindy RN

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Well I keep going-like the eveready battery bunny. The weather is slowing me down a bit but that is OK.

My husbands father went into the hospital Mon with what they thought was flu. Turns out the chest xray showed up cancer. CT was done and it is in the liver and several other places. I do not know what kind it is yet, they want to do a liver biopsy but he has already said he will not treat it so I am unsure what is next. He is 82.

My husband Tom is not doing well. He says he is but he is holding it in and I can see it is taking a toll on him.

When I find out more I will update.

Love Cindy

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I'm so sorry Cindy. Please know that I will keep your FIL and you and Tom in my prayers.

Once your FIL learns more, he might decide to do treatments or at the least some pallative treatment that can give him some good quality time.

I also hope that it is a slow growing cancer.

Many hugs and prayers,



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So sorry about your FIL and your daughter.

Too much at the same time.

Your FIL may decide about treatments after he

learns more about his state of health and that is when your husband will need support.

So much on different sides getting at you.

Will keep you in my prayers.



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So very sorry your family is dealing with another blow.

It seems devastation is around every corner.

I received a call late last night that my niece's friend was killed in a car accident. she was 16. I have know her since she was 5.

I will say many prayers for your family. I will especaill hold your daughter close in my prayers. I am 16 years sober, but the bottle is never out of reach.

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You know I always look forward to your posts but this is not the news I wanted to see in your life. I know the comfort you brought to me and hope that I can share some with you. I am so sorry to hear about Tom's dad and your daughter. Remember just one day at a time................

Take care of yourself,


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Dear Cindy..I wish I could come to the rescue..I will pray my little heart out for you, Tom and your father in law..I asked my Pastor today, why?? I believe this is hell, when we die we have to go to heaven..The pain, hurt, disappointment, loosing our loved ones..There is no greater pain than this..You are strong, and I will ask God to continue to keep you strong..

Hugs and lots of prayers for you my friend..


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Hi Cindy, I am sorry for your FIL. Probably he just found out he got cancer, and so frustrated about this and decides not to have any treatments, although he is 82 but like some articles said, it doesn't mean the chemo/surgery won't work well on him. But I will respect his decision IF he knows what he can expect to be happened.

Cindy, so sorry for what you and your husband is now going through. This hits hard and take care my dear!

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