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Individual strategies each of us use to fight cancer?

Joe B

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Another member asked me for the things I do to try and "assist" traditional approaches to beating cancer.

I thought I would post them here for all to see and ask for others to provide the same if you are comfortable with sharing your approaches.

here are mine;

Based on things I have read and advice from a doctor;

I take the following--

a high quality Mutli-Vitamin (Shaklee),

Coenzyme 10 (100mg),


folic acid,

a plain aspirin,

Turmeric (herb),

and andrographis (herb).

I also try and excercise (Areobic running) 3 times a week to increase oxegyn levels.

I eat a small amount of cottage cheese and ground flax seed (mixed together) in the morning.

I drink real green tea (whole leaf variety from China)

And I try and drink fresh vegetable/ fruit juices in the morning daily. I Juice raw products using a Jack Lalane Juicer.

I try and avoid sugars and unnatural foods.

Finally, I pray , because I know the Lord is the Great Physician. :)

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I take some of the same you do, plus Omega 3, some Mannatech products, Laetrile (B17-apricots pitts), graviola, paw paw, and other herbs, intravenous vitamin cocktails... I also work with a Chinese medicine doctor and take an herbal formula she makes plus wild American Ginseng... I took accupuncture while on radiation and chemo, but stopped that to reduce my expense a bit.

All of these things add up in costs, but... Whatever it takes to end this nightmare...

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I figured I would join this Alternative Party :lol:

After finding out that I had "multiple nodules" in both my lungs, I committed myself to a Macrobiotic diet 8 months ago. I must say, I wasn't following it as strictly as I should have been, and I recently went back to Massachussets for a two week stay at The Kushi Macrobiotic Institute to learn a little more. (and boy did I! :roll: )

So, now I am back....following my strict macro plan (which includes no sugar, no refined carbs, no dairy, and lots of whole grains, sea veggies and regular veggies)....and hoping for some serious changes in my CT Scans in the coming months!!!

BTW...when I switched to macro, I dropped the 30+ vitamins I was popping all day long. Now I get all my nutrients from food, not suppliments. I was a little afraid of that at first, but some recent blood work shows that everything is in tip-top shape!

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For the past 2+ years, as soon as my onc gave me the go ahead after chemo, I have been taking:

a good multi vitimin


selenium 200 mcg daily

fish oils 2 gram daily

coenzyme q 10 50 mg daily

green tea capsules 360 mg daily

baby aspirin

green earth foods (a supplement containing lots of sea greens, etc)

I also take tamoxifen to prevent breast cancer recurrence and medication for my underactive thyroid.

That said, I also try to eat a balanced diet and am thinking that with all the vegetables I eat, I probably am getting everything I need from my food, but this has kept me going for more than two years now, so I hesitate to change.

I also get to the gym three times a week and am striving to get there more after my work settles down a little.


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