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Hi All

Nelson here just had my first review after my first bout of chemo, My first x ray was unavailable so no news but I start my next chemo Thurs 15.Dec.05 the doctor has advised me I have low White blood Cells and if they are as low next week no chemo any advice on increasing my white blood cells would be appreciated.

Regards Nelson

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my WBC's got very low (.4) I was placed on Neupogen shots (had to adminster them myself)... I dont think there are natural ways to boost WBC's.

I had an issue with them shooting up way too high after a series of those injections.

However, I never did get sick even when my WBC's were extremely low.

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In the uk they tend not to give drugs but to wait until the count is higher or give a transfusion.

This happened once to Barry when he was receiving chemo. He had to wait a week (he did not need a transfusion] but treatment commenced the following week.


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