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Bad Sex Night //R Rated Mabe ??

Frank Lamb

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Two twin brother, virgin midgets decide to get two hookers for their 21st birthday. So the two grab two hookers, rent a hotel room, turn off the lights and proceed to partake in the festivities.

The first midget gets so nervous that he can't get it up. After two hours of coaxing and stroking and praying, he throws the sheets over himself and gives up. To makes things worse for the poor little fella, was that he had to listen to his brother say, ''One, two, three. Ugh! One, two, three. Ugh!'' all night long.

In the morning, the second midget greets his brother and asks him how his night went?

The first brother replies, ''Man, it was terrible. I couldn't even get my shi_ up.'' The second brother replies, ''You couldn't get it up? I couldn't even get on the bed."

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