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Hi Everyone,

It has been some time since I last posted an update although I update my profile. My mom, diagnosed with SCLC in Jan of '04 continues to do well. Despite some lower back pain which keeps looking like garden variety arthritis, all scans and test seem to point to continued remission. I am grateful for every day, every minute, every funny conversation with my mom on the phone, every cup of coffee shared together...It was almost if I posted her good fortune, it would end. I think we all become somewhat afraid of jinxing things if they go well. And not to mention my vicarious survivor's guilt. My mother has been given extra time while others face battles that would make the most stoic waiver. I hold each of you in my heart and pray that we all are given the strength to face each day.

I think I am also posting to give people hope. My mom looks better than when she began this journey and continues to have tremendous faith in God, and her doctors. Would she like to be 70 again, sure! But she is playing the hand she was dealt with amazing good humor and patience. So to all, take heart, if she can do it, so can you. Love to all-


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Nancy, wonderful news. We have 5 and 6 yr survivors of SCLC in our local support group who are still NED. I pray your Mom also enjoys lots of time of good health and good humor. Donna G

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