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Phase I Clinical Trial - Day One


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Had the first treatment of the Clinical Trial Tuesday, Gemzar only the first day. Only took 1 hr 20 minutes for the actual infusion, but had to hang around for 8 hours for blood draws. They took about two gallons throughout the day. Don't know where it all came from. Gotta go back Sun for 7AM start Monday for day two, consisting of the Paricalcitol and another 8 hours of blood draws. Then Tue 7AM for another round of Gemzar and eight more hours of blood draws. Wed just one blood draw and then back home. After that, the following Mon and Tue for infusions only, no blood draws. Then a week off over Christmas and start again Jan 3 with just the infusions weekly for three weeks and then a week off and a CT Scan. This really sounds like fun, don't it?

The biggest problem of this whole deal is that Thelma (Wife) found three shopping malls in the immediate vicinity of Roswell Park. The nurses and even my Doc were very accomodating to her and drew maps of how to get to each of them even after I threatened them. (b**ches) She's anxious to get this thing going with just two weeks of shopping till Christmas. And so it goes. Git R Done!

I'll keep you all updated. God Bless.


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That is quite a regimin they have lined up for you. But, we do what we have to do huh? I just hope it all goes well for you. You are in my prayers.

I envy your wife, all those malls available right before Christmas. Take care of yourselves.

Hugs and prayers,

Nancy B

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Somebody has to spend all of that money that you don't squander too often on the top shelf. Good for Thelma! She is out buying for the boys and grands and if you behave just a little bit, she might even think about picking out something for her curmudgeon husband as well, so you better start behaving. Starting today! (foot slams down with a thump)

I wonder if all the blood draws are because of this study? Thanks for being a guinea pig. You are quite a guy, CharlieD. I may have to put in a good word with Thelma on this account alone.

Sunday will be here soon. Enjoy today!

Let's have one from the well so that Thelma can spend more.

love, Cindi o'h

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