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I can't believe it.


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I am pretty fried right now, so I don't even know where to post. my mother is in Englewood hospital (NJ) right now. I just got home, having met her there at around 11:00 this morning.

she started feeling nauseous and headachey yesterday, and she started "losing the ends of sentences on the page". she chalked it up to the increase in her Tarceva after she got a clean bill of health on Tues. (!) and went to bed (I asked her to let me take her in last night, she said no). she woke up feeling the same. her onc's office told her to come in to MSKCC's urgent care or go to an ER.

we were SO SURE this would be another false alarm, we were sure of it. there couldn't POSSIBLY be anything else that could happen.

turns out she couldn't see anything to the right of her. a CT scan revealed bleeding in the left rear part of her brain (too tired to remember the name of the part). her INR was 4.5, which is weird but I can't go there yet, either. they reduced her INR to 1.7 over the course of the day (with fresh frozen plasma, sounds like a dessert, and vitamin K), and put her on dilantin, decadron and percoset (for the headache). the did an MRI tonight, but we refused a "wet read" and will get the complete story in the morning. it could be "just a bleed" from the coumadin, it could be a stroke, or it could be brain mets. no way to know until we get the MRI and follow up CT results.

no more Tarceva for mom, the theory is, in part, that the Tarceva interacted with the coumadin (which we knew it could) and caused the bleed. that would, actually, be the best case scenario.

so I am OK, very tired and, I think, a little "checked out" emotionally. prayers are needed, welcome, and appreciated. mom is, as always, a trouper.

love you all,


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Bunny/Amie Girl,

I am so sorry for Mother....you too!!!! For certain the two of you have had your go rounds over all this. It is so hard to imagine that again, another hurdle to get over. But get over it the two of you will. What a team you guys are.

At any rate, prayers, of course, being said. When will you know anything for certain? Let us know when you know, olay? In the meantime...you breathe and take care of Mom....we will pray and hold the two of you up.



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Hi Aimee,

Lets just wait to see what the MRI shows and keep a positive attitude that it is the Tarceva with the mixture of the Culmadin.

I can tell by your posts how tired you are. Please get some rest and know we are all thinking of you and your mom and sending out prayers to her for positive results.

I know you will keep us posted.

Sending mega prayers out to your mom. I pray this is just a minor setback and it can be corrected and your mom could feel like herself again soon.

I am so sorry you all had such a stressful day. Hoping tomorrow will be better for you all.

love ya too,


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Vitamin K is potassium. Lack of potassium can cause confusion, leg cramps and a myriad of other symptoms - it was blamed for some major memory lapses in my grandmother quite a few years ago that mimicked a stroke.

I hope your news in the morning is much brighter and that the bleed will clear up. For some of us, the "mild" oral chemos can just kick our butts (I had issues with Iressa). Here's hoping that what she HAS had of the Tarceva will do what she needs done and she'll come out of this the strong woman she has always been.

Luck to you both,


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I'm so sorry to hear this news.

I'm praying that today will bring better news. It just HAS to!!!

My thoughts and prayers will be with you today. Please let us know how your mom is doing when you get a chance.

Hope you were able to get a little sleep last night. You'll need that today.

Stay strong!!!!

Warm Hugs,


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