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Hi All,

So what's a little bit of body hair??? We had a great time at the ZOO... It was so fun. We took a bus tour first so we saw everything and then picked out the exhibits we wanted to see and walked to them. Mom loved it and it was great to see her smilling and walking out in the sun! :lol::lol::lol: Most of you know this is my first time seeing her in remission... and since going simply from the bathroom to the couch.. what a magnifacint treat!!! We were there for 3 hours and it sure was a breath taking beautiful day!

God Bless All!


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Dear Laurie,

I am so glad that you and your mother are having a wonderful time. My mother died when I was young and I never got the opportunity to become 'friends'.

Fortunately, my daughter has become my good friend and, while my husband is her stepfather, she has been a rock of support and help during this time.

Give your mother some (((( hugs )))) from the board and tell her about all the great people here that are praying for her.

P.S. I kind of like a furry face.

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Hey Laurie,

WOW, I am sooo happy you had such a great time with your mom!!! WOW!! how COOL IS THAT???

I have to tell you, that I too just love your bear picture. Way to cute!! But, I have to say, your message about being at the Zoo really put a smile on my face. Good for you ALL!!!

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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Those are by far the best times in a persons life...... and if your mom can do it, go into remission, then maybe my mom can do it too...... yes!!!! I loved hearing about that.... gives me hope!!!!

thanks for the post.... just what I needed to hear today, a nice story of spending wonderful quality time and REMISSION.

Thanks again,

Renee and mom

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