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update on Marsha's condition


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:D Good news,

There was only 1 brain met and it was treated by the gamma knife to

be followed by wholehead radiation starting next Wednesday. The

radiologist said I would be around for sometime. This was very treatable.

I felt marvelous. Other than a sore head I'm up and about and feel

good. While they did the gamma knife surgery I had them put on my

polka and waltz tapes. They thought it was cool. Well I have a real

whole in my head and four spots where they had to put a shield so I

guess you could say I'm an airhead.

God Bless All,



Ag 61 dx 12/01 with Adenocarcinoma, Stage 11B , Had right lung removed

1/02. No follow up. 4/02- spread to lymph nodes, restaged 1V NSCLC

had 6 chemo treatments.Taxol/Carboplatin. Beginning in 5/15/02 , ending

8/28/02. July, 03 2 mets to brain, 1 surgically removed, the other

being treated with gamma knife and whole head radiation

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Hi Marsha....that is GREAT news!!! We all need a little sunshine in our lives at one time or another. My husband was dx with NSCLC 11/02. So far he has done wonderful. I really feel the medical community is right on the verge of finding a cure for this monster.

May God bless you and your family.


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That is AWESOME NEWS!! I really liked the part about you being around for a long time!!!!! :D:D:D I was tapping my foot to your music during your surgery, did you hear it tap tap tap!! I was do the Polish Hop!

:D I am So Happy for you!!! Go and enjoy your weekend and then Enjoy each day to the fullest!

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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