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A Dog Poem

Frank Lamb

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This poem was sent to me by one of our most loved and admired members.They thought it more fitting that I be associated with this joke than they themself.HINT--That person lives in the eastern portion of THE UNITED STATES.


The dogs once held a meeting

They came from near and far

Some came by airplane

And others came by car.

Yet before inside the hall

They were allowed to look

They had to take their poopholes off

And hang them on a hook.

Hardly were they seated

Every mother, son, and sire

Before some dirty yellow dog

Commenced to holler "FIRE".

Up they jumped all in a rush

And had no time to look

And each one at random

Took a poophole from a hook.

So that's the reason that you'll see

As you walk down the street

Each dog will stop and swap a sniff

With every dog he meets.

And that's the reason why a dog

Will leave a big fat bone

To go and sniff a poophole

In the hopes to find his own.

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