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crisis past - Suki's update


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my happiness at what I am about to post is tempered by my exhaustion and Pat's post about Bill. but because this place is the ultimate example of the circle of life, I will tell you that we got our "best case scenario" this afternoon.

after a very long day - which included driving from Queens to NJ in a blizzard (with my brother) because the hospital SWORE we'd get MRI result around 8AM - we heard from the neurosurgeon (at 3:00PM) that there is no evidence of a mass or stroke underneath the blood on my mom's brain. we're so, so relieved. her onc even admitted to suspecting brain mets. her symptoms have not subsided but they will, as the blood (which is not increasing) dissipates. thankfully, they will continue to treat her medically (keeping the INR down, plus dilantin and decadron for safe keeping) and no surgery required. a big, huge PHEW on that front. so they finally gave her her first meal in more than 48 hours and I came home for the night. she'll be in the hospital for a few more days, but out of the progressive care unit tonight.

I have no idea what the future holds for her and blood thinners and/or Tarceva, and frankly, I don't think the doctors do either. a day at a time, right?

so thank you, a million times thank you, I felt your love and your prayers worked.



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Yay, yay, yay, and a GIANT phew from here too Amie!!! Such good news tonight! And you are right indeed...one day at a time. We are trying to live by those wowrds here as well.

Hope the weekend will be a better one for all of you than initially suspected. Keep us up to date and tell Suki we are all rooting for her!



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So glad to hear that things worked out well. I don't know if this helps or not but my dad was on Coumadin and Tarceva. At one point, he began to cough up some blood. The doctors agreed that Tarceva was the far more important of the two drugs so they discontinued Coumadin.

Have a good sleep..

gail p-m

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Well, once again I'm a day late and a dollar short, but I still feel the need to cut loose with a big ol' YEE-HAW!

OK, so I'm not really a country girls, but in OK that's still a valid exclamatory response. :lol: So glad you guys got some good news. And so glad you shared it with us!

:) Kelly

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